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Just discovered your substack here - fantastic! Will take some time to work through the exercises but wanted to drop a quick note here to say this post was super helpful to read through to understand how the lesson transfers into writing.

For the exercise #1, I chose a recent story in the New Yorker, March 6, 2023, that really haunted me after reading it: Snowy Day by Lee Chang-Dong (translated by Heinz Fenkl and Yoosup Chang from the original Korean). Working through the exercise really helped me to understand how the "promise" to the reader in the first scene could be rendered with such subtlety to foreshadow the ending...when I first read the story I was unaware of how this promise was pulling me through to to the end...studying it (and writing about it) more intentionally with this exercise really helped to learn the craft elements layered in to achieve the foreshadowing effects.

Thanks for posting!!

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